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Conditions of Sale


OBTAINING A USER NAME/PASSWORD FOR GUNRUNNER AUCTIONS: Just click the “Registration” tab on our “Upcoming Auctions” section and follow the instructions. It’s easy to get registered and takes about three minutes! If you need assistance registering, E-Mail us at store@thegunrunner.com. Our monthly firearm online auction starts the first week of each month and is added to DAILY until it reaches up to 400 firearms and accessories.

KNOW YOUR LAWS BEFORE BIDDING: We reserve the right to refuse a bidding nickname/password to anyone. Under no circumstances may you apply for a bidding nickname/password if you are under any kind of a disability in terms of possessing a firearm of any kind. No exceptions. Also, if you cannot possess a firearm, you must NOT enter our auction facility in Burton, Ohio or Cody, Wyoming. We are an FFL dealer, so all federal and state firearm laws govern every aspect of these online auctions and any infractions will be immediately reported to local law enforcement agencies and the ATF. You must be 18 to purchase rifles or shotguns and 21 to purchase a handgun. You must be age 18 to purchase long gun ammunition and age 21 or older to purchase handgun ammunition. You are responsible for knowing if your state bars a certain type of firearm/ammo/accessory from being shipped to you. If you purchase an item that cannot be shipped to your state, we will auction this item at the next auction and mail you a check minus the 15% consignment fee. Know your state/federal firearms laws BEFORE bidding. Note also that The Gunrunner does NOT under any circumstances pay, nor are we responsible for any fees associated with your hometown FFL – that is between you and your FFL dealer. No exceptions.

BIDDING IN THE GUNRUNNER ONLINE AUCTIONS: Once you are registered and have your nickname/password, you may place bids as soon as an auction item opens for bidding (look at the “clock” with each item for that open/close time) in the monthly auction. We operate under Eastern Standard Time. Your bids are FINAL and constitute a binding contract. Carefully note: Lots will close at various times during the bidding period every month. Note carefully the time and day each firearm/item closes – you are responsible for monitoring these close times. Should there be bids on any items within five minutes of close time, the bid on that particular item will continue for five minutes or more until all bids are exhausted. Please bid early to avoid disappointment. “Sniping” in at the last moment can be risky if your computer crashes or runs slow – and has no advantage in these types of extended auctions. NOTE CAREFULLY: We are NOT responsible for your SPAM catcher/your computer’s malfunctions stopping any of our E-Mails to you in regard to bid confirmations/outbid notifications – you are responsible for watching any gun on which you are high bidder and determining that you are the winner of the auction. The bids received and posted on our site as winners at www.gunrunnerauctions.com are final. VERY IMPORTANT: We are not responsible for computer malfunctions during the auctions and we are not responsible for “electrical blackouts” or any other acts of Nature. We reserve the right to resume or restart or extend an interrupted auction. IMPORTANT: Make sure you hit your computer’s “Refresh” button frequently AND check your emails so you can assure you are the high bidder at any given time and in fact the winner.

HARMONY OF THE SALE/AUCTION PREVIEW: Any person disrupting the harmony of the gun auction/preview days will surrender their password and local law enforcement authorities will be summoned. If found to be in violation of our rules, your current bids will not be honored and you will be blocked from further Gunrunner auctions – your account will be deactivated. We reserve the right to refuse a bid number or the rights to preview the collections to anyone. DO NOT BID unless you have read all of these “Terms of Sale”. No other rules apply! We are NOT associated with other websites and have our own terms and rule.

Ohio firearms for the online gun auctions will be on display at The Gunrunner Fine Firearms & Auction Co., 14538 N. Cheshire St., Burton, Ohio (Tues. – Fri. 10am to 5pm and Saturday 10-2. Firearms marked “Gunrunner West” are on display in the Gunrunner store located in Cody, Wyoming – these can be shipped to the Burton store for pick-up or your dealer – shipping rates will apply, but sales tax will not be applied. If you cannot visit the store for a visual inspection, we will be glad to provide additional information/digital photos of any item, but please do NOT wait until the last evening or after business hours for these requests or we cannot accommodate you.

RESPONSIBILITY OF BIDDERS: Read the descriptions of each firearm/view photographs carefully and if you have questions, E-Mail us at store@thegunrunner.com or scott@thegunrunner.com for western items. BE SURE to ask any questions about an item BEFORE bidding and well before closing time – it does no good to ask questions once you have won the firearm. We want you to be happy with your online purchases and will go to great lengths to describe the firearm to you and furnish an honest appraisal. If you visit the Gunrunner stores, please personally inspect each firearm/item on which you intend to bid. For every bidder: Using YOUR firearms knowledge and experience, form your own opinion of the firearm and bid accordingly. If in doubt, DO NOT BID. All guns are sold as is, where is. Period. THERE IS NO INSPECTION PERIOD OF ANY KIND ONCE THE FIREARM IS PURCHASED AND RECEIVED. This is a real AUCTION and the majority of these guns are estate firearms from the deceased – – the estates are paid, the court documents filed and the sale is final. We do not test fire each gun and therefore do not guarantee that they will fire correctly or function correctly. We are not gunsmiths and do not take guns apart – we don’t have shotgun bore gauges; nor would we know if all of the internal parts are present on any given firearm. All gun sales are final. Any internet descriptions of the sale guns are meant merely as a guide – in many cases we had to rely on the consignor’s description, so make your own determination as to its worth and validity. We offer no guarantee or warranty on these firearms. We sell these guns as collectibles only and do not recommend that they be fired. All consignors’ names are withheld due to security reasons. As per contract, consignors may not bid on their firearms, nor may they purchase them. All of our auction firearms and items start at $20 with NO RESERVE and WILL SELL. Any paid auction items not picked up within one year will be auctioned and a check issued to the owner with the usual 15% consignment fee deducted.

BUYERS OUTSIDE THE USA: Do not register. Do not bid. We do not have an export license.

TAKING POSSESSION OF AUCTION FIREARMS: We absolutely observe all Federal and State gun laws. We hold Federal Firearms Licenses in Ohio and Wyoming. We also possess a Class III license. The same person who registered the bid number MUST be the one to pay and pick up the auction firearm(s) at the conclusion of the sale at the Gunrunner Auction facilities – no one else will be permitted to make the transfer. AVOID THIS PROBLEM – DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BID FOR ANOTHER PERSON. Merely tell the person to register and create their own account and password. Firearm sales to non-licensees (with the exception of muzzleloaders or antique arms manufactured before 1898 or non-guns) will be subject to and must pass the FBI Instant Check – NICS. The only exception is a licensed Federal Firearms Dealer or Curio & Relic Collector License holder (guns MUST be on ATF approved C&R list or be 50 years or older) who must present a current, signed copy of a license (or FAX or E-Mail scan). CAREFULLY NOTE: As per ATF instructions, we send our FFL only to other FFL’s and NOT C&R’s or non-licensees. If you are NOT an Ohio resident, you may not take direct possession of a handgun (FFL or C&R Collectors may take immediate possession of qualifying handguns) – see next section below. If you delay after your Instant Check, you will merely pick up your auction firearm(s) later at the Gunrunner Gun Shop. If you deny after your Instant Check, you will CAREFULLY NOTE take possession of your auction firearms or ammunition and they will be sold at our next available auction and a check will be mailed to you for whatever the gun brings minus a 15% commission fee. If you know you are not supposed to possess a firearm, do not bid at our sales. We will summon law enforcement officials on the matter.

AUCTION GUNS WON BY OUT OF STATE BIDDERS: If you are not an Ohio resident or Wyoming, we will ship your firearms to your local gun dealer when he faxes us his signed, current FFL license, E-Mails a copy, or sends it in the mail. If you have a current ATF C&R License we can ship qualified firearms to your home if your state law permits. Our auction’s FAX NUMBER is (440) 834-1728 for Ohio and (307) 586-4256 for Wyoming. The cost for a handgun is $20 and up for shipping and insurance. The cost of a long gun to go UPS Ground insured is at least $35 per gun (more for muskets and guns with many accessories or large cases and more for guns with high value). In some cases we can get two or more handgun/rifles in one gun box and the charge per gun will be greatly reduced. We’ll work with you on this to be the most economical. We will provide a tracking number to you once the gun ships if you request it. We are experts at packing firearms correctly and will make sure your firearms get to your dealer safely. We highly suggest that your local FFL dealer be instructed by you NOT to open the Gunrunner shipping carton until you are present. This is very important! Your name will appear on the shipping label to facilitate this request.

PAYMENT: 10% buyer’s premium with be applied to each invoice. Auction invoices must paid promptly by certified bank check, money order, major credit cards or cash. When finished bidding in any respective auction, request an invoice via E-Mail at store@thegunrunner.com only (do not call the Cody store for an invoice or try to phone into Ohio). All firearm/accessory lots for the online auction must be immediately paid for at the conclusion of the bidding/entire auction (contact us within two-three days after winning an item – E-Mail is best as phone volume is too high to get through) and let us know your payment method and the FFL you will be using for transfer. We accept VISA, Master Card, Diners Club, American Express, or Discover. No personal checks unless paying in person at The Gunrunner store or you are known to us in terms of multi purchases. It is a Federal crime to write a non-sufficient fund check or cancel a credit card on a firearms purchase – we report the gun as stolen to the ATF and local law enforcement – there is a mandatory prison sentence for the stealing of a firearm – so bear this in mind when writing a personal check or using a credit card. All payments, background checks and transfer of firearms will be made at the Gunrunner Fine Firearms & Auction Co. store in Burton, Ohio or Gunrunner Firearms & Pawn in Cody, Wyoming. All auction guns must be promptly removed (if Instant Check is a proceed). Ohio State Sales Tax of 6.75% or Wyoming County Tax of 4% will be added to each invoice if the winner is present at either of the auction facilities (dealers are exempt w/vendor certificate as are shipped orders).

Hope to see you bidding at our next auction! Thank you! We really appreciate all of you guys and gals – you’re our kind of people!